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  Taizhou Haifeng Machinery Manufacturing Co,Ltd, is China washes the mechanical association member unit, is one of home production clothing laundering mechanical device biggest enterprises, has the honor to receive ISO9001: 2,000 quality authentication, self-management.
    The company mainly produces the industry washer, the stone mill blue washes, granulated substance washing machine, the dehydrator, the dryer, leather grain rubbing machine, dryly rubbing machine, Shui Rouji, elutes the dual purpose machine, ironing out machine, the dyeing machinery as well as the 15-1000KW series diesel oil power set. Our company and the Japanese side cooperation development home biggest cowboy takes the washer, the dryer has the frequency conversion velocity modulation, air operated closes door, air operated turns on the water, automatically controls warm and so on the function, the mass in the domestic large-scale clothing limited company normal use, like the "Zhejiang has not woven Chinese, the Zhejiang dreary Shao printing group, the Changzhou black peony, mountain Donglan wild goose group" and so on the multitudinous privately operated enterprise.
    This company produces the product is suitable for each kind of profession and so on clothing factory, laundering factory, hospital, guesthouse, hotel, tannery, emulsion production factory, major and medium colleges and universities, railroad train section, the product performance is fine, the best-selling nation, sells in distant markets Japanese and the Southeast Asia area, wins the domestic and foreign users consistent high praise.
       Our company persisted since continuously "strives for the survival by the quality, to ask by the science and technology to develop the" enterprise objective, enhances the essential working procedure the productivity, establishes modernized the business management system, develops the market, strengthens the domestic overseas sales network.The enterprise develops depends on oneself, depends on everybody.
       Company General Manager ZongXiaobing welcome the new old customer presence instruction wholeheartedly, hand in hand will cooperate altogether creates the glorious future.

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