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  Our company specializes in the production of high-grade Fabric Covered Buttons, Fabric Covered buckles, fashion buttons, product qualification by SGS environmental protection certification, tensile test and salt spray test. Our factory has advanced equipment, China's first fully automated cover button machine, monthly capacity of 8 million, production and sales of cover button dies, cover button embryo, cloth buckle embryos are environmentally friendly materials. The company was established in 1993, leading the industry leader in buttons, 10 years of production experience, from board fast and strong capacity, high quality at low prices to win customers recognition. Product Catalog:
    Here is a brief introduction of our company's products
    We can supply: 1/4 Ball (dome plain ring) Cloth Covered Buttons ;
    1/2 Ball (dome) Cloth Covered Buttons ;
    Flat Shape Cloth Covered Buttons ;
    1/4 Ball (dome plain ring) Double Layer Cloth Covered Buttons ;
    1/2 Ball (dome) Double layer Cloth Covered Buttons ;
    Flat Shape Double Cloth Covered Buttons ;
    Golden/Silver Ring Cloth Covered Buttons ;
    Triangular Cloth Covered Buttons ;
    Quadrilateral Cloth Covered Buttons
    fabric covered button with 2 eyelets or 4 eyelets

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Tel:0755-28875124  Fax:0755-28872831   Post:518112
Company address:Buji Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Buji Road
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