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  Dongguan yongli jewelry Co., LTD is a production sales yakeli drilling, drilling, diamond, glass resin the manufacturers. Our extensive use of products, modelling beautiful and easy, do manual work is delicate, brightness, edges, not easy to wear, is not easy to clear the scratch, rich color, shape, environmental protection, various natural effect can be high temperature resistant, the dry cleaning, etc. But also according to the customer request electroplating, paint, a glue effect, welcome new and old customers to figure to sample!!!!!
    The main supply of products: drill, acrylic rhinestones, iron tablets, acrylic rhinestones, acrylic claw drill, acrylic buttons, acrylic bead, electroplating yakeli drill, resin drilling, resin rhinestones, resin buttons, all over the sky star resin drill, coral resin drilling, electroplating resin drilling, pointed bottom resin drilling, drilling, diamond, resin row glass drilling, drilling, drilling, sofa chain pearl series jewelry, ABS drilling, opal, flowers coloured glaze, high temperature piece, drilling bead piece, copper and other kinds of garment accessories.
    Service is the first, customer the first! Yongli adorn article to grow up for the world first-class materials supplier for the goal!


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