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  taiwan gua guang Metallic Yarn Company was estabiished since 1993 as one of the leading metallic yarn manufacturer and exporter. Our objective is to supply our customer with continuous best quality in metallic yarn. We locate at the heart of Yantai City, Shandong, China, and factory are located at the famous Wolong Economic Park in Yantai City, occupying the net area of 30,000m2 with facility area of 15,000m2.
      Our main products are flat metallic yarn, supported metallic yarn, and covering metallic yarn. The quality is superb and excellent because we use only the first grade of raw material and machineries from Japan, Taiwan and/or Korea. Our products are very fit for most of industrial uses, like weaving, knitting, embroidery, decoration products and many other more.
      We are credible company who have manufactured first grade of metallic yarns for decades. Our company is well know in China. Taiwan, and around the world for its good reputation, and products are well known for its superior quality. We intend to continuously provide our customer with first grade of metallic yarn for many decades to come.


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